Stephanie (tappi) wrote,

the ides of march are in exactly 6 months

so last night i went to andrew's and had a perfectly lovely time. like, it was great. and i left and was so excited and happy and then i wake up this morning and i'm like, ummm i don't know about that. what the hell is wrong with me? why can't i just like someone and let them like me and be happy and move on with my life? its rigoddamndiculous. i have to chalk it up to my severe immaturity. because i keep reminding myself that there really is nothing wrong with this person, there's no reason to just not accept him as a human being, but there are little things that i just simply cannot get past yet. however, in my own defense i think i am getting better because i haven't completely written him off this morning like i did last week but i have class with him later today and i'm afraid i'm going to not like him anymore. and i invited him to my roommate's benefit thing tonight but i feel like i want to uninvite him. i really do. i'm just not ready for him to meet my friends yet. but why? why am i doing this? just go with the flow. but that is just SO against my nature.
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