Stephanie (tappi) wrote,

oh there's noooo place like hooome for the ho-li-days

omg you guys. its raining and i have a stomachache. could this day get any worse? the answer is yes. and thats why i should shut my mouth about it and move on. ugh this last week and a half is going to be so stressful and not a fun way to end my time here when i won't be back for months and months. its really a shame so i'm going to try to not stress myself out too much and instead keep up a good morale. i'm getting sad to leave here but i'm also SO excited to come home and see all my long lost lovers and i'm just SO SO excited for next semester. i had lunch with arielle yesterday and we're making all sorts of plans, it'll be great. in the meantime, however, my life is bo-ring and its not really a problem at all except for when people call and they say, "so whats going on with you?" i have nothing good to say. maybe i'll make up some stories. no no wait, i have a better idea. i'll make up some stories but other stories i tell will be real and you won't know which are real and which aren't until you check this website that tells you. just like on the snapple tops.
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